+ Where can I find product fitment codes and instruction manuals?

If you visit the "Pricing" section of this site, you will be able to input item code.

Alternatively you can use the QR code to visit the vehicle lookup and find the right fitment, instructions and product details.

If the vehicle has a fitment for it, it will display in the list of options once you search.
Instruction manuals and part numbers can be found within each option.

+ My Titan Tray has changed colour.

This colour change is a surface film and not a change in the actual product's colour. This film does not harm the structural integrity of base finish of the trays.

The film usually occurs when the tray is washed with a high strength soap (car wash) and not rinsed extremely thoroughly.
The film can be wiped off with a PH neutral cleaning agent, a microfiber cloth and lots of fresh water.

+ I have questions about Rola spare parts for my specific vehicle.

Please send an email to [email protected] with any photos and details of the parts that you are looking for that you have.

+ I am looking to purchase a Titan Tray. How can these be mounted to my vehicle?

Titan Trays can be mounted in any universal drop and turn bolt track.
We highly recommend using a Rola Roof Rack or Fitting Kit for these. Please check the "find my fit" section of this site.

+ I have another branded roof rack system. Will your accessories fit?

As long as your roof racks have a universal drop and turn bolt T or C chanel, our accessories will fit.

+ What is the load rating of the Titan Tray?

Our Titan Trays carry a maximum tested load of 300kg.

However your actual load limid is dependant on your vehicle's roof rating and whether you are using it on-road or offroad. 

Please check your user manual or with your OEM dealership to confirm the maximum roof weight for your vehicle.

This is limited to a downwards load test.

+ Can I modify Roof Racks for another vehicle?

No. Rola roof racks are designed and tested for a specific vehicle and are not able to be used on a different vehicle.

+ Can I fit other brand accessories onto Rola roof racks?

Yes, but only if the Rola roof racks feature the global accessory channel.

The global channel is used by all roof rack manufactures around the world to attaache accessory carriers such as ski, bike and watercrafts on the roof rack.

+ Are my roof racks covered by warranty?

Yes our roof racks are covered by a 5 year warranty, You can find more specific information on our warranty page.


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